Ignite Your Secret Power: Master the 7 Mysteries of Achievement - Succeed!

Ignite Your Secret Power: Master the 7 Mysteries of Achievement - Succeed!

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Mastering Your Mind Power:
The Seven Skills of High Achievers

Mastering your mind power is essential for anyone who has ever felt  overwhelmed, underpaid, or just plain fed up with the challenges of your career.

This instantly downloadable MP3 program by renowned success coach, Mandy Bass, identifies the seven skills that are critical for your success. As importantly, it guides you step-by-step to learn and apply them by mastering your mind power to make your life better - almost immediately.

Learning the skills that top performers share will increase your income - no doubt about that. But there is a lot more. As your self satisfaction increases, you experience a sense of personal wealth that is deeper and more lasting than what you may have thought possible.

When you combine personal fulfillment with a higher level of production, quite naturally wonderful things start to happen:

  • You begin to live with purpose and passion

  • You are more organized so you have more free time

  • You make more and keep more of what you make

  • Your relationships improve

  • You are irresistible to others

What Can Mastering Your Mind Power and Acquiring These  7 Skills Mean To You Personally?

Every situation is different, but when self-employed people learn just one of these seven skills, it is not unusual for their incomes to increase by 40 or 50 percent. When professionals make a conscious effort to integrate at least three of the seven skills - the ones they feel they need most - their personal production generally doubles within a year.

Learn, practice and experience the techniques taught in this program and discover how much more effective, profitable and joyful your whole life can be. As you apply the skills you learn in this program to other areas of your life, you will automatically take on new habits that ensure your ongoing success.

Learn how to Change Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs dictate your success. Mastering your mind power means being able to change your beliefs. Learn how to identify limited beliefs that sabotage your success. Then change them! Find and replace your most limiting beliefs and make your success automatic!

Overcoming Fears That Hold You Back

Why fear is an illusion. How to transform your fears into strengths. Learn the secret to erasing (NOT overcoming) your fears of failure AND success.


Multiply your results and profits by learning to focus. Easy methods to implement that will help you stay on course. How to focus your mind and turn goals into powerful magnets of super-attraction.

Mastering Use of Time

Mastering your mind power means having control of your time. Get more done in less time.  STAY relaxed, focused and in control.

Action Management

Manage your efforts joyfully and easily. Get the important stuff done. Move out of chaos and overwhelm. Take Control!

Emotional Intelligence

Feelings can help you or hurt you. You are the choice maker. In this audio you will learn how to get your feelings working for you to create even more success.

Persuading and Influencing Others

Learn how to expand your personal influence, sell your ideas and be all around more likeable and persuasive.

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