Thin Fit Fabulous You - Silver

Thin Fit Fabulous You - Silver

  • $ 47.00

Discover The Easiest, Smartest Solution For Losing Weight.
...And Keeping It Off For Good!

For Real, No Gimmicks, No False Promises

Discovering How to Lose Weight With THIN, FIT FABULOUS YOU - Online Weight Loss Programs, from Mind To Succeed, can be quick, easy and affordable

Is This You?

  • You want to  erase some flab and fat

  • You want to tone and enhance some muscle
  • You want to improve your posture
  • You want to feel BETTER about how you look
  • You want to end Yo-yo dieting

  • You want to KEEP the weight off AFTER you lose it!

  • You want to be healthier, more energetic

  • You want your sex life to improve

  • You want to enjoy life more

I can help you achieve ALL the above!

With Thin, Fit, Fabulous You: Mind To Succeed Weight Loss System, you can reduce your weight without suffering, struggle or feelings of guilt, and you can start losing weight, right now, with our online weight loss programs!

It will be EASY to keep the weight off once you lose it.

What Makes This Program Different?

The reason most people can't keep weight off permanently, is because only 10% of what you do is conscious.

MOST of your life is governed by unconscious impulses, associations, beliefs, feelings, preferences and "programming" that are not addressed with ordinary diet,  exercise, and online weight loss programs.

That is why you CAN lose weight but CAN'T sustain it. 

In this program, we address what 90% of the other diets, exercise, and online weight loss programs don't cover. 

Over all other online weight loss programs, this one teaches you what no other diet or exercise program can:

How to use the power of your mind to identify and automatically transform ALL THE HABITS, cravings and emotional impulses that keep you overweight and stop you from looking and feeling your best.

How Will I Teach You To Lose Weight?

In just a few hours a day, using these online weight loss programs, you will learn everything you need to know and experience to make weight loss permanent. 

You'll be using the most effective method of creating real change, guided self hypnosis, kinesiology, hypnosis and NLP.


Silver Package

If you struggle with diet and exercise this program is for you. Change your habits easily, train your mind to ‘prefer” healthy foods and enjoy the exercise of your choice. Learn how to speed up your metabolism with the best weight loss program that is also good for your health, improve your body image and “program” yourself for weight loss success. This program includes two of the eight modules from the Platinum program.

  • Learn how your self-image determines your behavior.
  • Create a "blueprint" self-image for the best version of you
  • LEARN quick, easy, and immediate ways to change your habits-INSTANTLY
  • You will use the familiar image of a clock, to create a whole new way to look at food 

Learn a secret eating strategy that will change your life, AND learn how to make exercise pleasurable, just using your mind. Really, I will show you how! 

  • Discover important myths and misconceptions about food labeling and metabolism
  • My secret eating strategy that has kept me at my ideal weight for over twenty years, without ever having to diet
  • How to make exercise more pleasurable
  • How to make your enjoyment of exercise... AUTOMATIC


*Note: If you are downloading on a mobile device, please ensure you have an app that will open zip files (if you don't, just go to your app store and search for a zip file opener, it's normally a free app).

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