Success, Forgiveness & Self Appreciation Bundle

Success, Forgiveness & Self Appreciation Bundle

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Forgiveness, Emotional Freedom and Self Appreciation

Do any of these situations apply to you?

  • Do you feel hurt or angry when you think about someone who hurt or betrayed you?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are not good enough or unworthy?
  • Is there a memory from your past that still - to this day - makes you feel angry, resentful or afraid?
  • Do you suffer over things you could have or should have done differently in the past?
  • Do your feelings (fear, uncertainty, doubt) sometimes stop you from pursuing what you want?
  • Do you sometimes feel resentful toward others who seem to have it better than you?
  • Do you "beat yourself up" MORE than appreciate yourself?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, you will find this product very useful!

How often have you hesitated to do the things you know you should be doing because of self-doubt, fear or some other feeling of discomfort?

Can you think of anyone you know who has wasted away lots of time because of feelings of anger or resentment?

When you let go of anger, hesitation self-doubt or fear, it frees you up, like a weight being lifted off your shoulders, it opens you to new possibilities, releases energy and allows you to more efficiently get where you want to go.

The Lesson Of A Bee Sting

I am sure you have hurt yourself before, and learned a life lesson - without having to feel the pain every time you think of it.

Ever gotten an insect bite or been stung by bee? After that you avoid those places when possible. Right? But you don't feel the pain of the sting each time you see a bee, or think of a biting insect. Very easily you just know to avoid them. 

That is the value of experience! Without trying, your brain connects the memory and you know to be careful, right? You don't need to feel the sting! You may not even remember where or how you learned that behavior, but it serves as a point of reference anyway.

On the other hand, when you forgive others, it does not mean that you agree or approve of their behavior. It simply means that you let go of your own suffering. You release the sting of the memory, without losing the lesson.

Are you ready to let go of what keeps you stuck?

If so, I want to introduce you to three great exercises that will help you enjoy the love, freedom and happiness you truly deserve.

These exercises will help you release the negative feelings that keep you stuck and help you let go of old hurts so you can be kinder, and gentler with yourself.

1. Clear Your Track for Success

These deep guided visualization exercises are written in language that your inner conscious mind understands and will respond to. Designed to help you remove blocks, get unstuck and release negative feelings.

How many opportunities have been lost because of fear, lack of confidence or just a cringing sensation that made you hesitate and wait until that moment of potential just slipped away?

You are guided step-by-step through this visualization exercise to help you remove triggers of fear, doubt and discomfort that hold you back from having the emotional freedom you want - without you having to experience any discomfort at all.

2. Forgive others

Part two guides you through three different ways for forgiving and letting go, so that you no longer have to relive painful feelings every time you remember the situation. You keep the lessons learned without the pain.

Are you still mad over things that happened five, ten, twenty or more years ago? When you are angry or resentful you can't be enjoying your life.

Part two guides you through letting go of suffering, and helps you open your heart so you can enjoy life more fully.

3. Forgive Yourself! Self-Appreciation - Make Peace With Your Past and See Yourself as You Truly Are

Part three is all about you! Throughout this audio you will practice appreciating yourself more fully and help you to give and receive love.

When we hold onto guilt and resentment toward ourselves, it often leads to a cycle of punishment and self-sabotage. This in turn lowers self-esteem, creating more unhappiness and more guilt.

Forgiveness and Self Appreciation

Let me guide you through letting go of your anger and resentment.

This program is one of the most popular programs at my live seminars. Every year my students tell me how their lives changed after listening to these 3 tracks and applying forgiveness to their lives.

Track One: Introduction

When we hold onto anger and resentment, our health and relationships suffer. We can't be both angry and peaceful at the same time.

Forgiveness is a bit like a skill that takes practice. Like any skill, the more we practice, the easier it becomes.

Track Two: Discover How to Forgive

Let me guide you through letting go of your anger and resentment. Find a comfortable place to sit and join me in discovering how to open your heart and begin to practice forgiveness.

Discover how holding onto our resentments and anger robs us of our present and future, and can lead us to unproductive behaviors, self-sabotage and low self-esteem.

Track Three: Self Appreciation

Perhaps it's yourself you may need to forgive the most? This may be the most important track for you to listen to.

Isn't it time you reconciled your relationship with yourself and saw how special you were, how deserving you are, how large your capacity is for giving and receiving love?

During this guided exercise we are going to learn and practice self love, self appreciation and self forgiveness.

"At the end of our last seminar in Florida, Mandy had us all get comfortable in our seats, she turned down the lights and said she was going to do a guided forgiveness exercise. I immediately thought to myself that this sounded nice, but didn't feel it would really apply, as I had spent a lot of time letting go of my past resentments. 

Little did I know I had not yet forgiven myself. I had never realized how much I held myself to blame, and how I had never even considered I might be allowed to forgive my own mistakes.

To say this experience was profound would be to minimize my experience, simply this was life changing. I really became freed up to move into the next level of my life."

Michelle, Owner, Valeo Therapeutics

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